Three recent college grad friends from New Hampshire get together to talk about their discovery of life, awful dating lives, tinder nightmares, pop culture headlines, and create ideas for the entertainment industry. Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network and on twitter @PlungePodcast

September 23, 2019

Reverse Scoliosis - Episode #66

Energy is high as we come in so hot we forget to do our ad read until 55 minutes in. Riley and the Hunt are joined by a couple long time friends to talk Antonio Brown and Tekashi 6ix9ine and their snitching wildin out habits lately, our trip over to HTNOS, the new vaping drama and regulations, iOS 13, why some girls want their stories to be told on the podcast, cloud hypotheticals, warping through space and time, and end with a VERY special Plunge Picks with a special guest. Strap in beloved.

See us LIVE! Yes live, come check us out at a live recording special episode on Tuesday, October 29th at Curlies Comedy Club in Rochester, NH at 7:30. All proceeds will go straight to the Charity BinBin towards the Special Olympics of NH. You won't wanna miss it!

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